Industry: Food Processing

Client: Ramdev Refined Oil

Video Style

3D Advertisement Video

Video Duration

0:45 minutes


As the food processing industry becomes increasingly competitive, companies are seeking new ways to showcase their products and connect with customers. Animated videos have emerged as a powerful marketing tool, providing a dynamic and engaging way to convey complex information and create a lasting impact.

In this case study, we’ll explore how an animated 3D advertisement video helped a food processing company to effectively promote their product and establish a unique market presence. Through the creative use of animation and storytelling, the video conveyed the message of health, purity, and taste, while connecting with consumers of all ages.

Client’s Feedback

We partnered with Creabiz Studio for a TV commercial for our edible oil product, and result were very creative and outstanding. The team's creativity and technical prowess created the most advanced commercial video we've ever seen. What's even more impressive is that they delivered this exceptional quality at an affordable price point.

Ananta More

The Problem

Branding the product to set a long-lasting impact on the market. Connect with consumers through health, purity, and taste. Not following trends but creating one. Suitable for every age category, full of entertainment, and effective message. Dynamic and never fading.

Our Solution

The animated video built a successful asset for Ramdev Refined Oil to display and promote its product on every marketing platform. The 3D advertisement video presented a storyline that effectively connected the product and emphasized family-neutral scenarios while communicating with children through different characters in the form of vegetables. Overall the food processing animated video established Ramdev Refined Oil as a trendsetter with a unique market presence.

Our Process Brief

Ramdev Refined Oil’s animated advertisement video started with a meeting session to collect the brief of what they wanted with the video. Once our team got the information the concept planning started. Several concepts were presented to the client among which the presence of talking vegetables as characters got confirmed. Once the script was finalized, our team started drawing concept art for the characters to be used in the Food processing animated video. Then side by side the modeling and rigging of the characters also began. We sent the models for review and received the client’s approval. The first version of the 3D advertisement video had a full 3D setup but then we received immediate improvisation from the client. They wanted a live-action footage connection with the animated video and the 3D animation also should be presented on the Live kitchen background setup. Then our team produced live-action footage which was then used in the final advertisement video. The 3D animation began on the live-action background to generate a final layout. After the Addition of the voiceover, the 3D animated video sample was shared with the client for approval. After completion of all the standard 3D measures, the rendering of the final animated advertisement video was done. The final composition was then merged with ending live-action footage to complete the overall food processing animated video. We believe Ramdev Refined Oil’s 3D advertisement video was a wise decision and is bringing fruitful results to the company and its product.

Final Video

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*A video brief is a document that outlines the goals, message, audience, and other details for a video project.

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