Industry: Home Appliances

Client: Him Electronics

Video Style

3D Product Promo Video

Video Duration

0:35 minutes


As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve and grow, companies are searching for creative ways to showcase their products and services to a wider audience. Animated videos have emerged as a dynamic tool for achieving this goal, providing an engaging and informative way to communicate complex information and highlight the key features of their products.

In this case study, we’ll explore how our 3D product promo video services were able to help a leading manufacturing company achieve their promotional goals in an engaging and effective manner. Through the use of advanced animation techniques and a deep understanding of the industry, we were able to create an animated product promo video that effectively communicated the benefits of the product and established the company as a leader in the manufacturing industry.

Client’s Feedback

We were amazed by the exceptional quality and affordability of the 3D product demo video created by Creabiz. With just image references, they surpassed our expectations and brought our product to life with incredible detail and realism. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and collaborative approach made the entire process stress-free.

Prabhakar Shumsher Thapa

The Problem

Promoting the product with special features and its essential components. Highlighting the user-friendly usability and benefits with its USPs. Giving the technological feel while addressing the complexities in a subtle presentation.

Our Solution

The animated video accomplished Himstar’s product promotion in an engaging, effective, and modern touch. The 3D product promo video selectively emphasized the product’s essential components with specific demonstrations while highlighting its usability. The manufacturing animated video clearly described the information of the functionality in categories correlating it with the mechanism in an understandable sequence. Overall Himstar’s animated product promo video provided a futuristic, technological, and informative overview of the product.

Our Process Brief

Himstar’s 3D product promo video project began with the client’s information that shared product references, its key features, and a catalog that had product information in detail. Our team started preparing a manufacturing animated video concept and side-by-side modeling of the main product and its components. The animated product promo video concept went into a little detail trying to incorporate every possible feature which was then revised to include only the necessary ones to make the animated video not look information heavy. The information was then arranged and by that time the product’s model with its key component was also ready to use. Then our team prepared a storyboard to describe the 3D product promo video to the client and to make sure we were on the same page. Once we received the green flag from the client, we put all our effort and time to make an outstanding manufacturing animated video. Our team tried several 3D animation techniques and prepared a playblast sequence for the product promo video while timing the TOS. We received several TOS changes that our team integrated into the draft that represented the lighting and texturing sequence with earlier created animation playblast. We sent the final animated product promo video after rendering with composition and received more TOS changes. We implemented it and delivered the final animated video. We believe Himstar’s 3D product promo video established the product as an innovation of the future with an increase in the company’s market presence.

Final Video

Getting started with Creabiz
Video Brief
Team Allotment
Work in Progress

*A video brief is a document that outlines the goals, message, audience, and other details for a video project.

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