Industry: Mining & Heavy Machinery

Client: H-E Parts International

Video Style

2D Employee Onboarding Video

Video Duration

5:29 minutes


In the mining and heavy machinery industry, communicating complex information to employees and stakeholders can be challenging. This is where animated videos come in, providing a dynamic and engaging way to convey important messages and tell compelling stories. Through visually appealing elaborations, animated videos can effectively communicate a company’s strategy, ethics, and values, creating a sense of belonging for employees and building a strong bond between colleagues and co-workers.

As the industry continues to evolve, companies are turning to innovative solutions to meet their communication needs. Animated employee onboarding videos, in particular, have emerged as a powerful tool for mining and heavy machinery companies to onboard new employees and achieve their overall motive and vision. With a tailored approach, animated videos can provide a solid foundation for nurturing fruitful outcomes, while saving time and cost. In this case study, we will explore how our animated video services helped a leading mining and heavy machinery company to address key challenges and effectively communicate their message to a broad audience.

Client’s Feedback

Alice and her team created a fantastic 2d animated video for our strategy map that exceeded our expectations. Preliminary feedback has been outstanding, with one person calling it the best Strategy Map explanation they've ever seen. She was professional, efficient, and delivered on time. Highly recommended!

Jonathan Escobar

The Problem

Explaining the company’s strategy to its employees. Creating a sense of belonging for employees in the company. Building a strong bond between fellow colleagues and co-workers. Describing the company’s ethics and values.

Our Solution

The animated video clarified H-E Parts’ strategy map through visually appealing elaborations, matching the company’s theme colors, and explaining all the information in detail. The 2D employee onboarding video provided a guideline for employees to achieve their personal growth as well as the company’s overall motive and vision. This tailored mining and heavy machinery animated video provided the company with an asset that acts as a base to nurture fruitful outcomes saving time and cost.

Our Process Brief

H-E Parts’ 2D employee onboarding video started when we received the final script that the client had prepared. We read the script and calculated the timing which was exceeding by about 420 seconds of the length of the video mining and heavy machinery animated video project. We worked on shortening the script with the client’s message in mind that said this is the shortened version of the script and we cannot lose any information from here for the animated employee onboarding video. Our team was able to reduce their version by 90 seconds in total. Then we prepared the visual description for the employee onboarding video and shared it with the client. They appreciated our effort and sent a green flag for storyboarding with few inputs and guidelines. We also shared two options for visual styles and were able to understand the nature of the illustration client was interested in. Our team proceeded towards storyboarding for the animated video production following the visual reference prepared earlier. We shared half of the storyboard for review while preparing the second half, collected changes, and proceeded toward animation. By the time we received feedback on the rest half of the animation was also complete. During the storyboarding stage, we also recorded the voiceover that was available to use during animation. Once the first animated employee onboarding video draft was ready, we shared it with the client for review. After a few revision sessions, the final mining and heavy machinery animated video was ready. We believe H-E Parts’ 2D employee onboarding video has played a vital role in establishing their company towards the direction of success.

Final Video

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*A video brief is a document that outlines the goals, message, audience, and other details for a video project.

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