Industry: Medical & Healthcare

Client: Convena Health

Video Style

2D Process Demo Video

Video Duration

2:18 minutes


As medical science continues to evolve, communicating complex information to patients and stakeholders is becoming increasingly important. Animated videos are emerging as an innovative tool for explaining medical procedures, treatments, and concepts in a clear, engaging, and impactful manner.

In this case study, we’ll explore how the use of 2D process demo videos, a popular style of animated video, helped a medical science company to overcome the challenge of explaining a complex testing process in a simple and understandable way. By leveraging the power of animation, the company was able to convey the importance of the test, demonstrate how it’s done step-by-step, and increase awareness of their product.

Client’s Feedback

I was impressed with the final video Creabiz Studio produced on testing for colon cancer. It was informative, visually engaging, and the team was professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend them for healthcare educational content.

Dr Ash Nashed

The Problem

Explaining the detailed process step by step. The long process with variations in steps and format. Highlighting the necessity of the test. Creating a demonstration of things to be done and how to do it.

Our Solution

The animated video successfully presented Convena Health’s FIT at-home process as a step-by-step guide. The 2D process demo video covered different scenarios from test introduction to test activation, registration, filling, and sending it to the required address following the same style. Overall the medical science animated video successfully demonstrated Convena Health’s requirements in an easy, understandable, and effective manner.

Our Process Brief

Convena Health’s animated process demo video brief and details came along with the finalized script and the product’s image. So, our team directly hopped into rough sketching of the medical science animated video that described each element of the final script we received. After the completion of the sketch, the overall layout of the storyboard was pretty much clear. Then we shared visual style options with the client based on the introduction of the process demo video. After the confirmation of the visual style, our team started the storyboarding. The process described in the script was a bit long so we had to make sure we did not miss, overlap or misplace from the original format. Once the storyboard was ready, we sent it to the client for review. Overall the storyboard was clean, elegant, concise, and to the point and the client shared a few comments on the characters used in the animated process demo video. They wanted the number of doctors to be precise along with the gender and age category of the characters used. The same went for the characters of individuals used to determine the general people. A few other feedback on the infographic and other segments were also removed. Through the revision and approval process of the storyboarding, we made sure both clients and our team were on the same page for the science and technology animated video. Then we began the medical science animated video production using 2D animation techniques. Since this 2D process demo video represented the steps as guidelines, each graphic has been animated following the information narrated in the script. Meanwhile, the voiceover was ready and the composition was completed. We believe Convena Health’s animated process demo video is able to successfully guide its audience to perform FIT at home.

Final Video

Getting started with Creabiz
Video Brief
Team Allotment
Work in Progress

*A video brief is a document that outlines the goals, message, audience, and other details for a video project.

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