Industry: Medical & Healthcare

Client: InSilicoTrials

Video Style

2D Investor Explainer Video

Video Duration

2:13 minutes

Introduction to Healthcare Animated Video

This case study delves into the success of a custom 2D MedTech animation video, a potent communication tool in the dynamic healthcare industry. In response to the industry’s rapid technological evolution, the strategic use of 2D animation proved pivotal in simplifying intricate medical concepts. The animation’s simplicity and versatility facilitated the effective conveyance of complex information, particularly emphasizing the advantages of modern medicine in silico. Creative storytelling played a central role, seamlessly blending scientific information with a compelling narrative to make the content relatable to a broad audience. The technical expertise demonstrated in medtech animation elevated the video, translating intricate medical concepts into visually appealing and digestible content. Virtual clinical trials, AI-driven simulations, and other medtech innovations were seamlessly integrated, showcasing the company’s capabilities and instilling confidence in investors regarding the feasibility of these advancements.

The primary focus of the video was to convey the necessity of in silico innovation for the future of medicine. By highlighting how these advancements could revolutionize nonclinical and clinical trials, reducing both cost and time significantly, the video effectively aligned investors with the company’s vision. This persuasive messaging was crucial in garnering support for continued research and development. The success of this animated video underscores its role as an indispensable tool in healthcare communication, fostering understanding, and garnering support among investors and stakeholders as the industry continues to push boundaries.

Client’s Feedback

We're thrilled with the animated video produced by Creabiz Studio. The team was responsive, receptive to feedback and always available. The visual style was eye-catching and consistent with our brand colours. We highly recommend their professional, efficient and creative services.

Dorina Stanculescu

The Problem

Describing the existing situation to investors with factual data. Displaying complicated modeling, computational, and simulation advantages of modern medicine in silico features. Emphasizing the benefits of the platform that can reduce cost, time, and nonclinical and clinical trials. Convey clear messages to investors regarding complex information.

Our Solution

The animated video highlighted the present condition of the life science industry with its drawbacks and limitations. The 2D investor explainer video described the technical details of the platform in a very clear and concise way. This custom modern medicine in silico animated video explained the necessity of such innovation for the future of medicine. Overall the animated investor explainer video provided a meaningful visual demonstration to engage the audience(investors) in the core message.

Our Process Brief

InSilicoTrials’ 2D investor explainer video project was initiated by gathering a brief document with helpful information describing the client’s expectations and needs. Our team started working on modern medicine in silico animated video script keeping based on the data and information shared by the client. Several revisions were performed before the final script was approved on the client’s end. With the final script in hand, we prepared visual style options and shared them with the client. Following the selected option we started creating the storyboard for the animated investor explainer video. Our team adopted visually appealing illustrations to suit the complex needs and requirements of the script as well as the overall animated video. We shared the completed storyboard with the client. They really loved the overall outlook of the investor explainer video. They also shared more visual inputs to be integrated into the animated video. Our team used the files shared by the client and transformed them into a unique presentation and finally, the storyboard was approved. Our team then proceeded toward animation following versatile and engaging 2D techniques. The voiceover for the 2D investor explainer video project had already been ready for it to be used during animation. Our team prepared an animated video draft which we sent to the client for review, minor changes such as swapping the slides to make them look more effective were received. We integrated the changes and then applied subtitles to the animated investor explainer video before delivering the final files. We believe InSilicoTrials’ modern medicine in silico animated video professionally and logically conveys its message to their desired group of audience.

Final Video

Getting started with Creabiz
Video Brief
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*A video brief is a document that outlines the goals, message, audience, and other details for a video project.

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