Industry: SaaS – IT & Technology

Client: Jacando AG

Video Style

2D Software Overview Video

Video Duration

1:54 minutes


As the IT and technology industry continues to advance and innovate, companies are seeking effective ways to communicate the benefits of their products and services to a wide audience. Animated videos have emerged as a dynamic tool to convey complex information in an engaging and creative way. With the ability to visually demonstrate technical concepts and features, animated software overview videos have become a popular choice for companies looking to showcase their offerings in a clear and concise manner.

In this case study, we’ll explore how animated videos can help companies in the IT and technology industry to effectively communicate the benefits of their products and services. By utilizing creative storytelling and technical expertise, animated videos can provide a compelling way to showcase the unique features and advantages of software platforms. With the ability to simplify complex information and engage viewers, animated software overview videos can make a significant impact in promoting products and services in the IT and technology industry.

Client’s Feedback

Creabiz created an animated video to showcase our HR management software, and we're thrilled with the results. The team was professional, easy to work with, and exceeded our expectations. The video is stunning and has increased interest in our product. We highly recommend them for high-quality animated video content. Thank you for all your hard work!

Dennis Teichmann

The Problem

Sending a message that HR recruitment and management has become a hassle-free task. Explaining that the software is a helpful tool to run the overall company smoothly. Emphasizing the drawbacks of existing systems and describing the advantages of the platform giving the overall overview of the software.

Our Solution

The animated video gave a successful brief of Jacando AG’s usability describing how the software can simplify HR recruitment and management for the daily work processes. The 2D software overview video clearly described the handling of a multitude of tasks with organized files seamlessly. The animation of a middle-aged female character developed a connection with many employees facing similar situations. Overall the IT and technology animated video presented the benefits of using Jacando AG’s platform.

Our Process Brief

Jacando AG’s animation software overview video project started with the client’s brief on objectives and target audience. With the brief and information on their website about the software, our team began to prepare the script. After a few internal revisions, the draft was shared with the client for review. The team integrated a few revisions as per the client’s feedback. After the finalization of the script, the next step was to create the storyboard for the 2D software overview video. So the creative team used a character to meet and portray the script’s demands. With the character, we sent a visual style to the client. Certain emotions needed to be enhanced with the age group of the character also needed to be reflected. Through revisions on the storyboard, we also made sure that the clients were convinced of what we were presenting in the IT and technology animated video. They also shared their inputs on various storyboard segments where they could be enhanced. Then after our team moved toward animation. We followed special 2D animation techniques for every detail our team planned during storyboarding of the animated video. Once the draft was ready, we were super excited to share it with the client. With minor enhancements the final animated software overview video was ready. We believe Jacando AG’s software overview video met the client’s expectations in many ways and fulfills its purpose.

Final Video

Getting started with Creabiz
Video Brief
Team Allotment
Work in Progress

*A video brief is a document that outlines the goals, message, audience, and other details for a video project.

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