Industry: IIoT – Industrial Filtration

Client: NEU-JKF Groupe

Video Style

2D Product Overview

Video Duration

1:35 minutes

Introduction to 2D explainer video

2D explainer videos have become a go-to strategy for companies operating in the rapidly expanding landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT) Solution industry. Companies are continually exploring innovative methods to present their offerings to a broader audience. Among these strategies, animated videos have emerged as a potent tool for effectively communicating complex technological solutions and compelling narratives.

This case study delves into the efficacy of a 2D explainer video in promoting the groundbreaking IoT solution developed by NEU-JKF Group. By leveraging creative storytelling and technical proficiency, the animated video adeptly demonstrates the efficiency of this modern system in optimizing time and cost savings. Furthermore, it meticulously showcases the myriad advantages, features, and services inherent in the installation of the IoT solution.

Through its captivating narrative and visually engaging presentation, the video underscores the transformative potential of industrial 4.0 technologies within the IoT ecosystem. By seamlessly integrating elements of animation and 2D explainer video techniques, the NEU-JKF Group effectively communicates the value proposition of their IoT solution to a diverse audience.

Ultimately, this animated video serves as a valuable asset within the IoT Solution industry, facilitating meaningful connections between companies and their customers and stakeholders. Its innovative approach not only highlights the capabilities of NEU-JKF Group’s offering but also underscores the broader significance of animated videos in driving engagement and fostering understanding within the realm of technological innovation.

Client’s Feedback

Partnering with Creabiz Studio to produce a 2D explainer video for our IIoT solution was a fantastic decision. It's been a success both internally and externally, and we've received great feedback from our team and customers. Working with them was a seamless experience, and we highly recommend them for any animation or video projects.

Antoine Vinson

The Problem

Describing the functionality and efficacy of the system’s equipment and software connected to it. Clearing the purpose of the system while focusing on how it is better than the earlier used systems. Portraying the benefits, reach, and services that come along with the installation of the system.

Our Solution

The animated video successfully promoted NEU-JKF Group’s revolutionary IOT solution with its usability, advantages, features, and services. The 2D explainer video clearly portrayed the effectiveness of this modern system in saving both time and cost. The 2D graphic of the main system, the character using the software to access its health condition, and other elements made the video truly outstanding and one of a kind. Overall the IoT solution animated video emphasized NEU-JKF’s IOT solution to the fullest.

Our Process Brief

Creabiz Studio embarked on an exciting project to create an engaging animated video showcasing a new product. It all began with a detailed brief from the client, outlining their objectives and how they envisioned the presentation of their IoT solution. With a specific requirement for a French voiceover, our initial steps involved crafting the content in English, refining it through multiple revisions based on client feedback, before finally translating it into French for the finalized script.

Simultaneously, we delved into conceptualizing the visual elements, brainstorming various styles and designs that would effectively convey the message. Each concept was meticulously crafted and presented to the client for approval, ensuring alignment with their vision. After a slight adjustment in the industry focus, we received the green light to proceed with the chosen visual direction.

With the script finalized and the visual concept approved, we seamlessly transitioned into the storyboard phase. Here, we planned out each scene, ensuring a smooth flow of information that complemented the approved script. The result was a cohesive narrative that effectively communicated the features and benefits of the IoT solution.

While storyboarding was underway, we concurrently worked on preparing the French voiceover to match the evolving storyboard. It was crucial to ensure that the voiceover seamlessly integrated with the visuals, enhancing the overall storytelling experience.

With the storyboard complete and the voiceover finalized, we ventured into the animation phase. Leveraging advanced 2D animation techniques, including isometric and traditional visuals, we brought the storyboard to life, infusing movement and personality into each frame.

Upon completing the initial draft, anticipation grew as we eagerly awaited feedback from the client. Fortunately, their response was overwhelmingly positive, with praise for the impactful storytelling and seamless integration of visuals and voiceover. However, we weren’t content with merely meeting expectations; we sought to exceed them.

Following a round of minor enhancements and the addition of subtitles for accessibility, the final version of the 2d explainer video was ready for presentation. With confidence in its ability to captivate and inform, we believe that NEU-JKF Group’s creation will not only achieve its intended objectives but also leave a lasting impression on its audience, sparking interest and driving engagement with the showcased IoT solution.

Final Video

Getting started with Creabiz
Video Brief
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*A video brief is a document that outlines the goals, message, audience, and other details for a video project.

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