Industry: Agriculture & Farming

Client: ViviGro

Video Style

2D Promotional Video

Video Duration

1:21 minutes


In the Agriculture industry, promoting products and services can be a challenging task. With the need to educate customers about the impact of farming practices on the environment and the importance of sustainable agriculture, there is a growing demand for effective communication tools. Animated videos have emerged as a powerful tool to convey complex information and tell compelling stories about sustainable agriculture, making them a perfect fit for this industry.

Through this case study, we’ll explore how an animated promotional video helped a leading agriculture company to effectively communicate their message to a broad audience. With a combination of creative storytelling and technical expertise, the video was able to convey the importance of sustainable farming practices and promote a solution that benefits both farmers and the environment. The use of animation not only captured the attention of viewers, but it also allowed for the visual representation of complex concepts, making it easier for viewers to understand and retain the information presented.

Client’s Feedback

The team really took the time to understand our product and target audience, and the final result was not only visually stunning but also highly effective at communicating about our product. We've already seen an increase in interest and engagement from potential customers since sharing the video, and we couldn't be happier with the result.

Taimoor Syed

The Problem

Depicting the fact that chemical fertilizers are harmful to the soil and affect the quality of crops produced. Building emotion visually to portray the attachment between farmers and their farmland. Describing the audience the solution that is a modern approach yet highly effective without missing the essence of farming practice and aesthetics.

Our Solution

The animated video helped to promote Vivigro’s ‘Smart Start’ product in an engaging and easily comprehensible format. Additionally, the 2D promotional video emphasized the problem-to-solution approach while maintaining the balance of necessary information and promoting Vivigro as an established brand in the Agriculture industry. Overall, the animated promotional video played a vital role in supporting Vivigro in achieving its goal of reaching its audience with its product and solution.

Our Process Brief

Before the Creabiz team began the animated promotional video project for Vivigro, to make sure that we had a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, we gathered the information by creating an agriculture animated video brief. This outlined their objectives and target audience as well as clearly described what the client wanted with the 2D promotional video.

Now that we had all the details, the production began with the script development. Keeping the video duration in mind, we refined the script in collaboration with the client itself. And after a few revisions, the script was finalized that had met the client’s expectations and even ensured we were on the same page as them. The next stage was to create the storyboard. Vivigro’s script demanded a character. So we updated them with a visual style portraying the opening shot of the animated video with the placement of a unique character. They loved it. The complete storyboard had many unique elements on it and the satisfaction after its approval was enormous. The animation thereafter went very smoothly following 2D animation techniques. We made a few revisions as per the client’s instructions and ended the project with a perfect agriculture animated video. 

We believe this 2D Promotional Video is effectively making impacts favorable for Vivigro.

Final Video

Getting started with Creabiz
Video Brief
Team Allotment
Work in Progress

*A video brief is a document that outlines the goals, message, audience, and other details for a video project.

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