Industry: IIoT – Industrial Filtration

Client: NEU-JKF Groupe

Video Style

2D Product Overview

Video Duration

1:35 minutes


As the Internet of Things (IoT) Solution industry continues to expand, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to promote their products and services to a wider audience. Animated videos have emerged as a powerful tool for achieving this goal, providing a dynamic and engaging way to showcase complex technological solutions and tell compelling stories.

In this case study, we will explore how a 2D product overview animated video effectively promoted the revolutionary NEU-JKF Group’s IoT solution. Through a combination of creative storytelling and technical expertise, the animated video conveyed the effectiveness of the modern system in saving time and cost, while highlighting the advantages, features, and services that come with the installation of the IoT solution. The video’s impact and creativity have proven to be a valuable asset to the IoT Solution industry, helping companies to connect with their customers and stakeholders in a meaningful and engaging way.

Client’s Feedback

Partnering with Creabiz Studio to produce a 2D animated video for our IIoT solution was a fantastic decision. It's been a success both internally and externally, and we've received great feedback from our team and customers. Working with them was a seamless experience, and we highly recommend them for any animation or video projects.

Antoine Vinson

The Problem

Describing the functionality and efficacy of the system’s equipment and software connected to it. Clearing the purpose of the system while focusing on how it is better than the earlier used systems. Portraying the benefits, reach, and services that come along with the installation of the system.

Our Solution

The animated video successfully promoted NEU-JKF Group’s revolutionary IOT solution with its usability, advantages, features, and services. The 2D product overview video clearly portrayed the effectiveness of this modern system in saving both time and cost. The 2D graphic of the main system, the character using the software to access its health condition, and other elements made the video truly outstanding and one of a kind. Overall the IoT solution animated video emphasized NEU-JKF’s IOT solution to the fullest.

Our Process Brief

NEU-JKF’s animated product overview video project commenced with a brief from a client that described what they wanted to promote and how they wanted it to be presented. The Iot Solution animated video needed to have a French voiceover so at first, we prepared content in English, confirmed it with clients through revisions then converted it into a final script in the French version. Then after we prepared a visual concept and started storyboarding the 2D product overview video. The visual style was sent for approval with an option. With a slight change in the presented industry then came approval to continue the production of animated video. We moved forward with the storyboard, completed it, and then shared it with the client for review. They were totally impressed with the presentation of information that connected the storyline with the approved script. Meanwhile, we had the voiceover ready and approved while the storyboarding was in progress. Then we began the animation of the product overview video using 2D animation techniques that followed for isometric as well as plain 2D visuals. When the draft was ready we were almost sure clients would feel the impact we created through the IoT solution animated video. It got approved with a few enhancements and the addition of subtitles. We believe NEU-JKF Group’s animated product overview video has achieved its purpose and will bring the desired result as expected.

Final Video

Getting started with Creabiz
Video Brief
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*A video brief is a document that outlines the goals, message, audience, and other details for a video project.

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